Cultural Safaris

17 Days 16 Nights Great Karamoja Cultural Safari

A combination of thrilling amazing rich local cultures in Uganda with at least over 40 ethnic tribes notable of them, the Baganda, Banyankole, Basoga, karamajongos,,Acholis, Iteso,Bagisu, Batwa, and many more

12 Days 11 Nights Uganda cultural safaris

This is an exciting 12 days excursion on which you will come face to face with the different cultures, practices as well as cultural sites in Uganda; a country having over 30 tribes

10 Day 9 Nights Northern Tanzania Wildlife

This is Africa as you’ve always imagined it! We offer unsurpassed opportunities to view wildlife and cultural tours in a spectacular natural setting with your own driver guide. A program

9 Days 8 Nights Cultural Safari

A cultural safari consists of several days staying in local guesthouses, eating local ethnic food and absorbing the culture of the people who have lived in the area for years. Each day is usually spent trekking and

8 Days 7 Nights Kenya Cultural Safari

Kenya has a culture born of countless sources. This region has been crossed by the paths of a long and complex history. From the prehistoric records of early man to the present day,

8 Days 7 Nights Obama Cultural Tour

The 44th President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama has got distinctive routes traced back in a small village of Kogelo. This is the ancestral home of Barack Obama.

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